Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal

This Secluded Property is one of the possibilities to get a residency by the Golden Visa Program. It is in the middle of nature and close to the Atlantic.In 2012 Portugal launched The Golden Residence Permit Program. This Golden Visa Program is an opportunity for investors to get a Residence Permit for Portugal. This permit gives them the possibility to travel without a visa in the Schengen area. They also can apply for a permanent residence or even a Portuguese citizenship.
There are various ways to take part in this Golden Visa Program such as to make a Capital Investment of more than 1 million Euros or by creating more than ten jobs in Portugal. Another possibility within The Golden Residence Permit Program is to purchase a real estate property with a minimum of € 500.000.
For all the possibilities to take part in The Golden Residence Permit Program and to read all the detailed information and requirements take a look at the official site of the SEF. Another site with useful information is the site of La Vida Golden Visas.
Portugal offers with this Golden Visa Program one of the most attractive residency programs for investors in the world.


Golden Visa; Main House and Monte
Main House and Monte

Golden Visa; Main House
Main House

When you are considering investing in real estate and you also love nature and tranquility we have a magnificent opportunity for you.
Monte do Vale Porquinhas is an excellent property for your investment. Take a closer look at this Secluded Property to see what this place can offer you.
This is truly a Hidden Paradise it is secluded but not isolated. This is a rare opportunity in one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal. It is in the middle of nature and also close to the rough coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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