Inauguration Website Secluded Property

Property for Sale! Yes, proudly we want to present today our website of the sale of our property.

Yes our property is for sale. It took a lot more time than we expected before the decision was made to put our property for sale and starting the proces, but now finally we can present our new website.
At first we had to convince ourselves that we really want to sell.
We already live in this lovely place for more than eight years and we enjoy so much the beauty and tranquillity of this valley. This is also experienced by the more than hundred families who have spend there holidays at Monte do Vale Porquinhas. But for us it is time to move on.
Secondly we had to find out how in these modern days you have to build a website that can reach the people that also would love to live in such a secluded area.

1 - Inauguration Secluded Property for Sale - Field in April
One of the Fields in April

Living here is very special. You have to love nature and tranquillity. The nearest neighbour is living at a distance of 1 km. The access road in winter, if there has been heavy rain, can be difficult to drive by a normal car.
But when you walk out the door you are in the middle of nature. One of the features of the property is Rocha da Água de alta .
Sometimes, especially in winter, you can hear the roaring of the ocean, so it can’t be far away.

2 - Inauguration Secluded Property for Sale - Cascata Rocha Água de alta
Cascata Rocha da Água de alta

Monte do Vale Porquinhas was used as a Bed and Breakfast by the former owners of the estate. We have exploited the property, registered as an Alojamento Local, with Self Catering guests.
When it will be used for tourism there are a lot of possibilities to expand. But even when you want to use it as a private house you can build another 350m2 for utility buildings.

3 - Inauguration Secluded Property for Sale - Hidden Main Hous
Hidden Main House

If you want to know more about this property for sale then look for more pictures on our Facebook Page or feel free to send us an email.
For more details look on the page Secluded Property

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