Vila Nova de Milfontes and the surrounding area.

Vila Nova de Milfontes
View from Praia do Farol, Vila Nova de Milfontes

A Princesa do Alentejo.

Vila Nova de Milfontes is called in Portugal “A Princesa do Alentejo”. It is a very popular seaside destiny for the Portuguese. Especially for the people from Lisbon. There are beaches along the borders of the Rio Mira and along the Atlantic coast.
It has its own fishing port just outside the village.

Milfontes, Fishing port, Vila Nova de Milfontes
Fishing port, Vila Nova de Milfontes

Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina.

The area borders on the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. The flora and fauna of the park are breathtaking. The protected area also includes the dunes and beaches.
These beaches are sand beaches interspersed with beautiful rock formations with small bays.

Alentejo Coast Line, Cabo Sardão
Cabo Sardão

Rota Vicentina.

In 2012 Rota Vicentina opened two new hiking routes. The Caminho Histórico part of the GR11 and the Trilho dos Pescadores a route over the cliffs.

Alentejo Coast, Porto Covo
Ilha do Pessegueiro

Local villages.

The villages Cercal do Alenteo, Odemira, Porto Covo, São Luís and Zambojeira do Mar all very close by, are well worth a visit. All these places where time seems to have stood still give you a real taste of life in Portugal.
There are numerous small restaurants in all price ranges, markets with fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Quite regularly a gypsy market is organized in the surrounding area.

Gypsy market, Brunheiras

Those who like to test their athletic abilities can go mountain biking, wave surfing and canoeing in the immediate surroundings. Anglers have the choice between the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio Mira. By car you can follow beautiful tracks through the hilly countryside. Owners of all terrain cars can make great tours in the immediate surroundings. You can also go on beautiful hikes, walking for hours without seeing anybody else.
In the night, under the open sky that is clear most of the time, you can marvel at the myriad of stars, and discover the Milky Way.